Renegade Ops PC pre-orders: buy 2, get 2 free

Co-op's a big selling point for Renegade Ops, the downloadable vehicular twin-stick shooter from the chaps behind Just Cause 2, with two-player splitscreen and four-player online. To help ram that point home, publisher Sega has announced a stonking PC pre-order offer: buy four copies for the price of two.

Four copies of Renegade Ops will run you $30, giving you three copies to share with chums--or strangers you have no intention of playing with but are willing to trust to save $7.50. You can get the pre-order four-pack from Steam, Direct2Drive, and GamersGate, but it's a Steamworks title so you'll be adding the key to Steam regardless.

Sorry, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players, this offer's exclusively for the PC edition. It'll run until the game launches in September.

Say, while you're here, have a gander at the new trailer showing off co-op mayhem:

BOOM video 9866

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