Orcs Must Die launching on Steam, XBLA

Robot Entertainment, the independent developer comprised of former Ensemble Studios team members, has finally revealed the specific platforms for its upcoming (and first) title.

Orcs Must Die, which blends tower defense with a third-person shooter, will be published on the Xbox Live Arcade and on PC by Microsoft Studios. A sell-sheet for the game given to Shacknews during a demo earlier today revealed the game will be released on PC via Steam.


During a demo today, a Robot Entertainment representative said revealed that the game is "essentially done." Now, the studio awaits certification for Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade release. It's unclear if the game will be made available on any other PC digital distribution platforms.

Orcs Must Die is the first game from Robot Entertainment since it was established following the closure of Ensemble Studios. The studio had previously been working with Microsoft on Age of Empires Online, before handing development duties off to Gas Powered Games.

Orcs Must Die is a single-player title, featuring over 20 maps where players must use weapons, traps, and the environment to stop a horde of creatures from reaching (and thus destroying) an open rift in the world.

No specific release was revealed; however, it sounds like the game will arrive on the tail end of the summer season (between August and September). The PC and XBLA release will be simultaneous, Robot confirmed to Shacknews.

Those adventuring to Comic-Con will have a chance to play the game (at the Xbox Lounge in the Hard Rock Hotel on July 23-24) as well as get their hands on a prequel comic that outlines the game's story. Those lucky enough to play the game during the event will receive a "Limited print edition" of the comic for free, while a free, digital version will be released later this summer.