Unannounced Devil May Cry game needs fan art

To celebrate the upcoming 10 year anniversary of its Devil May Cry series, Capcom has asked fans to submit art based on the franchise to be featured in a new, unannounced game.

For inspiration, the blog post on Capcom-Unity.com notes: "Think about all the iconic characters from Dante, Nero, Vergil, Trish and Lady and all the fantastic weapons they have wielded." Based on the franchise's anniversary--and recent industry trends--it's possible the unannounced Devil May Cry game will be a collection of the first three games in the series. If so, perhaps it will be in glorious HD, where Dante's hairdo (as seen above) won't be the subject of such fan ridicule.

Along with being featured in whatever the "unannounced" Devil May Cry game is, the selected entries will get a free copy of the title.

A new Devil May Cry title is currently being co-developed by Capcom and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West developer Ninja Theory. DmC: Devil May Cry is planned for the Xbox 360 and PS3. A PC version was not announced; however, Capcom has recently stated it is pushing to bring more of its titles to the platform in the future.