Ms. Splosion Man to get patchless Challenge updates

Ms. Splosion Man is out on Xbox Live Arcade today, but if the game isn't enough content for you, you'll be pleased to know it's already scheduled to get regular updates -- no patch required.

Twisted Pixel announced today that the game uses the Xbox 360's Title Managed Storage (TMS) system. This lets Twisted Pixel turn some twiddlyknobs to create new content on the fly, which will manifest itself as weekly Challenges, with new content and special rules.


The special challenges can be found off the main menu, and the game features special TMS challenge leaderboards. If this sounds familiar, you might remember that Super Meat Boy's XBLA incarnation used the TMS to introduce new chapters in 'Teh Internets.'

"From time to time, we will be awarding real prizes and other fun stuff to the top finishers, and sometimes random players, from the Challenge's leaderboards," said marketing director Jay Stuckwisch in the press release. "We are finding it harder and harder to 'one up' ourselves with new ways of giving away free stuff to people who buy our games, but TMS has opened an exciting new door for us."

Ms. Splosion Man is available now on XBLA for $10 (800 MSP).