Burnout Crash due August; began life on Wii

Burnout Crash, the downloadable top-down spin-off of the racing series' explodalicious 'Crash' mode, will be released in August according to publisher EA (via Joystiq). Previously, "fall" was as specific as EA would be.


In other Crash news, creative director Alex Ward has explained a little of the game's origins to Giant Bomb, revealing that the idea actually began life on Wii.

"Crash is something we've had on the back-burner since we did Paradise. We deliberately left traditional Crash mode out in order to make this game. We always wanted to spin it off and make its own game," he said.

"The original version was started on the Wii. It was a user-created game, you drew a road with the wand." However, Ward explains, "We did that for a few months then it actually turned out quite boring," so it was scrapped and development began afresh.

Burnout Crash will be released via Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, with the XBLA version boasting a two-team "party battle" mode for Kinect. The price has not yet been announced.