Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta week two updates

The Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta entered its second weeks yesterday, now open to all PSN members. If you didn't already get in through Plus, or one of the many code giveaways, you can download it now from the PlayStation Store.

This second week brings with it a couple of new game types to play. Co-op Hunter tasks two buddies with getting treasure back to a chest to score against a combination of human and AI opponents. So far its reception has been a mixed bag, with many citing the competitive difference when coming up against an AI enemy versus a real person.

Team Objective has also been added to the mix. It offers a classic online mode of capturing and controlling part of the map to score. In the chaos of an open beta, it's hard to get a feel for the mode but it holds potential for deeper online play when the full game releases in November.

The Uncharted 3 beta wraps up at the end of next week, but not before it gets another update. For the third and final week, the Yemen map will replace Chateau, with Plunder, Three Team Deathmatch, and Co-op Arena modes from the first week making their return. Make sure you play as much as you can, as you can unlock content for the final game. Uncharted 3 will be available on November 1st; a full multiplayer preview will be available this October.