Amiga brand resurrected for performance PC line

Some brands are never allowed to rest in peace, such as poor old Amiga. The latest exhumation of the fondly-remembered home computer brand is to use the names of vintage Commodore Amiga models for a line of new, retro-looking performance PCs (via CVG). The new Amigas are described as a "reboot and re-imagining" of the classic line-up, made with the mantra of "beautiful, high-performance, home computers for creativity and entertainment." Running the modern-day Commodore OS and with emulation support for classic Amiga software, they'll attempt to recapture that classic Amiga multi-discipline flavour with a mix of games and multimedia creation tools--yes, including hallowed ray tracing software. They'll also be able to boot to Windows, or run Windows programs inside Commodore OS. They're being produced by Commodore USA, which is not the company of old but a new one which has licensed the Commodore and Amiga brands. It's also making a new Commodore 64, or rather a snazzy modern PC in a C64 lookalike shell. The Amiga 1000 is a slimline affair intended to be used for a home theatre PC, while the Amiga 2000 is a whopping great monster with space for seven expansion cards, six hard drives, and heaps of other bells and whistles. Lastly, the Amiga 3000 strikes a balance between form and function in a shapely box with room for four low-profile cards. The hardware specs have yet to be nailed down, with Commodore USA promising more details soon.

The new Amiga 3000