Weekend PC digital deals: Magicka, GTA, 2K titles

We like buying video games, and publishers like selling video games, so let's all put our heads together this weekend and see if we can come up something that'll benefit us both. Say, deals and discounts on heaps of digitally-distributed PC games, including Mafia II, the Civ series, BioShock, Rift, Magicka, multiple counts of Grand Theft Auto, and Interplay classics. Here's our selection of this weekend's deals:


Europa Universalis III: Chronicles


Saturday: Sunday: All weekend:

BioShock 2

Green Man Gaming


Telltale Games

75% off all games and merchandise in the Telltale Store, except for Back to the Future and Puzzle Agent 2. The discount's applied at the checkout.

Tales of Monkey Island

Games for Windows

Episodes from Liberty City

Get Games

Assassin's Creed II

Good Old Games

There's 50% off all Interplay games, including:



Cargo! The Quest for Gravity


Friday: All weekend:

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days