Killing Floor 'Summer Sideshow' update spreads funfair fear

Having already made winter terrifying with the Twisted Christmas update,Tripwire's PC co-op survival shooter Killing Floor is turning its attention to another season. The ghoulish 'Summer Sidehow' event will begin on June 30 and run until July 22.

The Summer Sideshow will bring free new content including a macabre map set in a funfair, the Abusement Park. You'll find it populated by freakish versions of the classic Killing Floor enemies, such as the Two-Headed Girl, the Bearded Lady, the Incredible Monkey Man, and the Fleshclown.

There'll also be special Steampunk player skins, so you can join in the Victorian weirdo fun yourself. Steampunk Mr Foster will be unlocked as a reward for collecting ten of the update's thirteen new achievements. If you want to give Tripwire money for its splendid ongoing support of Killing Floor, there'll be a new steampunk DLC character pack; previous packs have cost $2.

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