Original Xbox controller may be revived for Halo remake

Long before Microsoft realized that people could be controllers, they made this monstrosity. Nicknamed "the Duke," the original controller that shipped with the first Xbox console was a behemoth. Still, with everything old being new again, wouldn't it be nice to attempt to get your hands around one of these classic controllers once again?

That could very well happen, according to Halo's 343 Industries. Speaking to Giant Bomb, Alison Stroll confirmed that 343 is attempting to recreate the original Xbox controller for use with the 360. The plan is to have people not unlike Ben Heck modify a few controllers in time for a Halo Anniversary-themed Halo Fest at PAX. "After PAX, the controllers will be boxed up. They'll emerge once more to be featured as part of the annual Child's Play dinner auction," the report adds.

The nostalgia factor of playing the original Halo with original Xbox controllers should warrant a greenlight for the project. However, Stroll does note that the effort is "not assured" yet. But, in a world where Duke Nukem Forever has been released, anything is possible.