Fallen Earth going free-to-play

Switching to the free-to-play model is an increasingly common move for less-popular MMOs, hoping to eke out a little more profitability with a larger playerbase and paid premium bonuses. Post-apocalyptic shooter MMORPG Fallen Earth will be joining the ranks soon, Massively reports, after being acquired by GamersFirst.


Fallen Earth's free option will allow players to "play the game from end to end completely free," though they won't receive any reward points to buy items and bonuses. On top of that, there'll be three tiers of subscriptions.

The Silver sub, priced below the current $14.99 fee, will come with boosted experience gain. The Gold option, costing $15, will offer more reward points and bonuses than the current sub. Lastly, there'll be some manner of VIP membership, probably costing more than $15, which will let you share your VIP bonuses with all other party members.

While Fallen Earth will become free to download, GamersFirst won't pull the paid version currently available boxed from retailers or on Steam. Instead, these will offer "some sort of subscription compensation to equal things out," though the publisher's yet to finalise exactly what this will entail.

The free-to-play relaunch "should be within the next few months if all goes well," GamersFirst says. The publisher is also behind the free-to-play relaunch of APB: Reloaded.