Bethesda servers hacked, accounts may be compromised

An intrusion by hackers has led publisher Bethesda to issue a warning to users. Though the company says that no financial or credit card information was obtained, user names, e-mails, and passwords may have been compromised. The company advises changing passwords on Bethesda sites and forums, as well as any other sites that may use the same username or password.

Bethesda says the hack took place over the weekend while LulzSec, the group claiming responsibility for the hack, says it took place "over two months ago." A statement from the group suggests the hack started with Brink and moved on to other Bethesda property. It claims to have released everything from the compromised server except the user data because "we actually like this company."

The attack is the recent addition to a string of exploits on game-related sites and servers as of late, such as Codemasters, Sony, and Epic. LulzSec also recently attempted an attack on Facebook, which apparently failed due to steep security measures.

The Sony network hacks, arguably the highest-profile of the recent string of attacks, recently received an interesting development when Spanish police arrested two alleged members of the hacker group Anonymous in connection with the data theft.