Top Gun: Hard Lock announced

The movie Top Gun has already had a few games based on its namesake, but publishers aren't quite done banking on your Tom Cruise nostalgia. Publisher 505 Games announced Top Gun: Hard Lock this week, calling it a "reimagining" of the franchise set in modern day. It's being developed by Headstrong Games, and set for release on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in spring 2012.

The game features new characters graduating from the Top Gun academy. Obviously enough, it will focus on aerial dogfighting with jets, including the military's F-14 Tomcat. It will also offer a "Hard Lock" mode that has you performing specific combat maneuvers with visual flair.

"Top Gun: Hard Lock pays tribute to the brand's heritage but will deliver the fierce action and intense aerial combat that today's gamers expect," said 505 managing director Ian Howe in the announcement.

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