Wii U multi-controller support may be possible, says Miyamoto

The Wii U console is meant to be paired with just one tablet controller, but Nintendo is looking into letting users play with more than one under certain circumstances, according to Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto. In an interview with News.com.au, the producer confirmed earlier reports, but gave some hope for multi-controller play.

"The basic premise is that you can just use one with a system," he said. "If we got to an idea of having multiple (controllers) it might be just more convenient for people to use their Nintendo 3DS and have a way to connect that. That being said, we are doing research about if someone brings their controller to their friend's house and they want to play together on Wii U, to whether or not something like that would be possible."

Yesterday an unnamed Nintendo representative reportedly claimed the controller would not be sold separately, and that the console was meant to pair to one controller. Miyamoto's comments seem to imply that two Wii U owners may be able to get together, but it still doesn't sound like the tablet will be sold individually. Nintendo may still allow that, though, as the console isn't set to launch until sometime in 2012.

Miyamoto also says the Wii U will be "very difficult" for other consoles to imitate, due to its hardware design focusing on sending a low-latency signal to the tablet.