The Darkness 2 E3 trailer employs ultraviolence

In the competition for the title of E3 2011's Most Violent Violence, so far Ninja Gaiden 3 and The Darkness II are well out in the lead. The E3 trailer for Digital Extremes' follow-up to Starbreeze's supernatural shooter makes an excellent case, with people being ripped in two, cut in half, crucified, impaled with pool cues hurled by demon tentacles, and goodness knows what else.

You'll also find fine demonstrations of The Darkness II's mixed dual-wielding system, and the so-called "quad-wielding" you get when demon tentacles are thrown into the mix too. Plus, of course, there's more splendid growling from Mike Patton, the voice of The Darkness itself.

Developed by Digital Extremes rather than original dev Starbreeze Studios, The Darkness II is headed to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 4. 2K Games is publishing. Check out our preview from March for more information.

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