Trenched coming to XBLA June 22

Double Fine announced today that its upcoming downloadable game Trenched will come to Xbox Live Arcade on June 22, and cost $15 (1200 MSP). As previously reported, it's being published by Microsoft Game Studios, so don't get your hopes up for a PSN version.

The co-op adventure puts you in a customizable mech to blow up your enemies, tower defense style. The story focuses around the manliest man ever, who uses his mechanical genius to take on his evil former partner. If you want it straight from the horse's mouth, check out the intro cutscene released today along with the announcement.

BOOM video 9152

Developer Double Fine has been hard at work recently, already having released Costume Quest and Stacking in the last 8 months, and planning to release the Kinect title Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster sometime this fall. This is part of its new initiative to pursue several small, creative projects after plans for Brutal Legend 2 were scrapped.