Guild Wars 2 beta later this year

NCSoft has revealed that a beta test for its upcoming massively multiplayer online title, Guild Wars 2, will begin in the second half of 2011.

According to Eurogamer, the announcement was made by company CFO Jaeho Lee during a conference call. Lee reportedly "heavily" hinted at a 2012 release for Guild Wars 2, before noting the game "will go into beta testing stage in the second half of this year." In what form the beta would see release was not specified.

In development at ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 was first announced in March 2007, alongside the Eye of the North expansion for Guild Wars.

Though I have yet to play the game at any press events, Guild Wars 2 looks impressive every time I've seen it in action. It's certainly a game I'm keeping a close eye on.

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