Wii classics for $20 in new Nintendo Selects line

Nintendo is launching a budget-priced 'classics' line for the Wii on May 20, similar to the the Xbox 360's Platinum Hits range and the Greatest Hits line on PlayStation 3, not to mention 'tendo's own Player's Choice series for earlier consoles.


The Nintendo Selects line will initially offer The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Mario Super Sluggers, and Wii Sports for $20 each. While some might not be to your taste, it's a range with broad appeal.

Wii Sports has traditionally been bundled with the Wii console itself, but this will change on May 20 with the launch of a new, cheaper $150 bundle containing Mario Kart Wii instead.

Rumours of such a budget line were circulating last month, though Super Smash Bros. Brawl was then included with the supposed launch lineup and Wii Sports was not. It wouldn't at all be surprising if Brawl were made a Nintendo Selects title further down the line, though.

The European launch lineup for Nintendo Selects is slightly different, offering WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Mario Strikers Charged, Wii Sports, and Animal Crossing: City Folk. The Eurotanian launch of Selects will also come on May 20, with pricing ultimately determined by retailers.