Dragon Age 2 DLC item packs released

As if your Hawke's pockets were not already overflowing with loot after countless Dragon Age II items were given away as promos outside the game, BioWare has released three three class-specific item packs for its RPG as paid downloadable content.


Each $3 (240 Microsoft Points; 240 BioWare Points) pack contains items tailored for the three main classes--mage, rogue and warrior. You'll receive weapons and surprisingly attractive armour usable only by Hawke, along with three items followers can also equip. All three packs can be bought together in a discounted bundle for $5 (400 MSP; 400 BioWare Points).

These items packs are the first original DLC released for the fantasy RPG, as The Exiled Prince is more of a pre-order bonus that's also sold separately. While BioWare released a fair few item packs for Mass Effect 2, it also created some lovely new storylines and missions as DLC. Hopefully we'll see more of the latter soon for Dragon Age II.