Dragon Age 2 First DLC Revealed; 'The Exiled Prince' Free with Signature Edition

Although Dragon Age 2 won't hit store shelves until March 2011, BioWare has already revealed the first downloadable content for the upcoming RPG. "The Exiled Prince" DLC will be available for free with the "Signature Edition" of Dragon Age 2, which is offered as a free upgrade to gamers who pre-order the game before January 12.

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The DLC offers players up a new quest and character (named Sebastian Vael) with its roots deeply seeded in a revenge plot. If you decide to skip the upgraded version, the downloadable content will be available for $7 (560MS Points) following the Dragon Age 2's release.

In October, when BioWare revealed the "Signature Edition" upgrade offer, the dev promised it would include $20 worth of additional content. According to EA's store page, the edition also brings with it four bonus weapons and a digital copy of the game's official soundtrack. Dragon Age 2 will also offer new game purchasers with additional content, much like the Cerberus Network did with Mass Effect 2.