Trackmania2 Canyon beta in July

focalbox Trackmania2 Canyon is getting a closed beta starting in July and to celebrate that announcement the developers dropped a new trailer and handful of screen shots to whet our appetites.

Though the original game came out all the way back in 2003, enthusiasm for the sequel has stayed high thanks to an active community that's grown up around the game. In the ensuing years the active community has been cranking out tracks, cars, and videos using the custom creation tools that became the game's secret weapon, ultimately attracting more than nine million players.

As part of the beta, ManiaPlanet will also make its debut. This new networked gaming system provides the core of easy-to-use tools for community-based game creation and participation including a map editor, players' creations explorer, and ranking and match-making tools. Building on this foundation, plans call for expansion into other genres. The first of these will be ShooterMania, a first person shooter due later this year. After that, QuestMania, a role playing game, will follow at a later date.

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