Child of Eden PS3 pushed to September; Move support 'expected'

IGN is reporting that the PS3 version of Child of Eden has been pushed to September. The new music-inspired title from Tetsuya Mizuguchi was originally planned to arrive on Sony's home console in June.

Xbox 360 gamers will be able to jump into the colorful world of Child of Eden when the game launches on June 14 in North America. Though the game supports a controller, Child of Eden has been getting plenty of attention for its support of Microsoft's Kinect peripheral.

Publisher Ubisoft had yet to confirm PlayStation Move support would be available on the PS3 (though, we all expected it). According to the IGN report, Ubisoft has confirmed the PS3 version of the game is "expected" to support PlayStation Move.

Since the response to Move support is still a little vague ('expected to happen' isn't the same as 'is happening'), Shacknews has contacted Ubisoft for clarification.