Mega Man Legends 3 future depends on Prototype


Capcom enticed fans of its long-neglected Mega Man Legends series yesterday with word that a special Prototype Version of Mega Man Legends 3 will be hitting the 3DS eShop when it launches in late May. Are you excited yet? Not so fast.

Apparently the success of this prototype will determine the fate of the full game. In a post on the Capcom Unity blog, game director Masakazu Eguchi said, "Furthermore, the heat and excitement surrounding this downloadable title would determine whether or not the full game could be greenlit. If hype is strong, the full title will be a go. If not, it's a no-go."

The blog also revealed (unsurprisingly) that the Prototype will be sold, so fans will have to shell out some Nintendo Points to show their interest in a game with ten years of waiting behind it. The footage only showed gameplay with the new character, Barrett, but Eguchi claims the Prototype will continue the story with the main characters from previous games. Let's just hope that's not the last we see of them.