MDK2 hitting WiiWare in May

Originally slated to launch this past winter, the WiiWare edition of MDK2 (aka Madonna Dates Kylie 2) is now due to finally launch on May 9.

The BioWare-developed sequel to Shiny Entertainment's 1997 MDK (aka Mother's Day Kisses) is being brought to WiiWare by Beamdog, a studio and digital distributor co-founded by long-time BioWare veteran Trent Oster. It'll cost a perhaps-slightly-beyond-impulse-purchase-point 1,000 Wii Points ($10).

Beamdog is additionally working on an 'HD' version of MDK2 (aka Mission: Deliver Kindness 2) for PC, scheduled to launch some time this year. It'll be released through the company's eponymous digital distribution service. The original, non-HD versions of MDK and MDK2 are already available through a number of digital distributors.

Forever mining its catalogue of vintage titles, MDK2 publisher Interplay is also bringing Parallax's classic dizzying shooter Descent to WiiWare. It was most recently scheduled for the first quarter of 2011, but there's no update from Interplay on this now-missed window.

To refresh your memory of MDK2, here's a trailer for the WiiWare edition:

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