New Rage video and 'Anarchy' edition bonuses

If you weren't already planning to pre-order Rage, developer id Software came up with a few incentives as extra encouragement. Currently confirmed only for North America, everyone who pre-orders Rage from participating retailers Gamestop, Amazon.com, Steam, and Direct-to-Drive will be automatically upgraded to the "Anarchy" edition.

Rage Anarchy Edition bonuses

This special version includes four in-game items that won't be available elsewhere:
  • Double Barrel Shotgun: The classic id weapon, this time in a one-handed version
  • Crimson Elite Armor: On exiting the Arc, players must don new armor for the wasteland. This special version combines all three attribute boosts of the individual armors otherwise available
  • Fists of RAGE: a powerful melee weapon good for laying a wallop on mutants who get too close
  • Rat Rod Buggy: a custom ride that replaces the standard issue buggy in the game

The Anarchy edition also includes the Wasteland sewer missions, an extra set of adventures that take place in a series of tunnels and old abandoned structures underground. While September is still a ways off, id also released a five minute trailer featuring gameplay from a mission into the dead city to retrieve defibrillator parts from an old hospital. It one of the levels I got to play during Bethesda's demo event and will have impressions of coming shortly in a full Rage preview. Until then, check out the video and see how Rage looks in action for yourself. BOOM video 8821