Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer details

The first concrete details on Duke Nukem Forever's multiplayer side have been revealed in the April issue of Official Xbox Magazine, picked up by Duke4.net.

Four multiplayer modes will be available, named Dukematch, Team Dukematch, Capture the Babe and Hail to the King. On Xbox 360, at least, the first three of those modes, and most likely all, are limited to eight players. The first two are standard-enough deathmatch modes, while Hail to the King is said to be 'king of the hill.' Capture the Babe is a 4v4 'capture the flag' mode, with a writhing female as the fought-over treasure rather than a pennant. The "babe" is said to sometimes "freak out," requiring Duke to give 'er a slap, as one does.

Map settings include a damaged freeway, a casino, an Old West town and one of Duke's fine eateries, Duke Burger. The Duke Burger map sees players shrunk down to the size of dolls, much like the ever-popular 'Rats' custom maps for Counter-Strike.

The jetpack, which supposedly doesn't feature in the single-player campaign, will be available in multiplayer.

As is customary nowadays, players will earn experience as they play, gaining levels and unlocking bonuses. As well as scoring XP for simply shooting people, you can get extra points with actions such as killing a player with the Holoduke or killing yourself with a pipebomb. As for what gaining levels will get you, all OXM says is that you'll unlock mysterious "physical customization rewards."

Duke Nukem Forever is due to finally launch on May 3, hitting PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The PC edition will use Steamworks. Duke devotees with $100 to spare can splash out on the Balls of Steel Edition, if they simply must have a Duke bust for their desk.

For words about Duke Nukem Forever's single-player, check out our recent preview.