GDC: Bungie making action MMO [Update]

[Update: March 6 @ 8:45am - XDM] Bungie has backtracked and says David Aldridge's comments were all a joke that no one understood. See the new post.

[Original Post - SW] Halo-creator Bungie's next game is a "massively multiplayer action game," according to lead network engineer David Aldridge. The statement came at a panel on network code at Game Developers Conference (via IGN), and confirmed long-standing rumors of an MMO in the works from the company.

Details were scant, but Aldridge did say the game won't be "WoW in space." The unnamed project will be published by Activision, in a deal that was struck last year. Paired with that announcement was word that the new game would come out for "all platforms." We later heard that Bungie was working on a new engine to support its next project.