Puzzle-platformer Rochard coming to PSN

Recoil Games spilled the beans today on its debut title, Rochard. The PlayStation Network exclusive is set for release this spring, and combines gravity-based puzzles with platforming action. Sony Online Entertainment will be handling the publishing duties.

The main character John Rochard is a man's man, looking like Ron Swanson dressed in space miner garb. The titular hero uses the G-Lifter tool to pick up heavy objects, as well as navigate through stages. Burt Kane, Recoil's creative director, called him a "tough, ordinary miner with a mustache." Yes, he called out his mustache.

The plot is propelled forward by an invasion of space pirates. Apparently Samus Aran is no where around, so Rochard has to pull an Isaac Clarke and use his mining tools to take them down and stop their (so far, vague) evil plan.

Details are scant right now, and the official site only features a single piece of art. But the game will be shown at GDC this week, so we should know more soon.