'Continued support' from fans reignites DLC possibilities for Guitar Hero and DJ Hero


Following the recent Activision decision to scale back music-based releases, a message on the official DJ Hero 2 site announced that--following the release of previously announced content--no future DLC would be made available for the DJ Hero franchise or its sister series, Guitar Hero. Late last night, that position appears to have changed.

On both the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero Twitter pages, posts thanked gamers for being a part of their respective communities and claims new content would be released "in recognition" of "continued support" from fans.

The Guitar Hero Twitter page specifically announced the news after revealing its Facebook fan page for the franchise had reached million Facebook fans.

Both Twitter updates promise details regarding the new content would be revealed "soon."

Shacknews has reached out to Activision for comment regarding these announcements and will update this post if any information is made available.