Total Annihilation: Kingdoms hits GOG


As part of its ongoing mission to brighten your day by re-releasing games which make you think "Ooh! I remember that!" and whip out your coin purse, digital distributor Good Old today added Cavedog Entertainment's RTS Total Annihilation: Kingdoms to its catalogue.

The medieval fantasy spin-off of the much-loved Total Annihilation is priced at $5.99 and comes complete with the 'Iron Plague' expansion pack.

While Kingdoms wasn't as well-received as the original when it launched in 1999, it's perhaps as close as you'll get to TA designer Chris Taylor's Kings and Castles for now, as that project is currently on hold.

At the very least, with your shiny, super fast, modern-day PC you'll be able to see what Kingdoms' large battles look like when they're not grinding to a halt.