Unreal Development Kit Launches iOS Support, Jazz Jackrabbit Teased [Updated]

[Update: 4:40 12/16] As we thought, the Jazz Jackrabbit game is simply a tutorial project intended to ease devs into iOS development with the UDK.

[Original] If you were wowed by Infinity Blade or Epic Citadel, you may be excited to hear that Unreal Engine 3 is now available on iOS devices to all and sundry. Epic Games today rolled out a new version of the Unreal Development Kit, its version of UE3 that's free for non-commercial use, with support for Apple's shiny white toys.

The new UDK beta also includes the full source and content for Epic Citadel, so you can see how it all works, plus another castle demo. Grab the 1.1GB file from FileShack.

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Keen-eyed readers will notice that Jazz Jackrabbit, eponymous star of Epic's vintage platformer series, puts in an appearance in the trailer in a top-down shooter. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that a new JJ title is on its way, as the game is shown named as "UEDPCJazzMiniGameTutorial"--it may simply be an upcoming tutorial project.