Xbox Live Indie Games Winter Uprising Begins

Revolution is afoot on Xbox Live Indie Games as the community-orchestrated Indie Games Winter Uprising has kicked off, bringing the first of fourteen new indie games which it is hoped will promote the channel as "a place to find great games."

A trailer released to celebrate the Uprising and showcase its games highlights the XBLIG stereotypes being railed against--clones, mediocrity and massage simulators. Keen eyes might notice that, curiously, several of the Winter Uprising games bear more than a passing similarity to existing games, with added twists. Let's call them pastiche.

BOOM video 7294

Eyehook's dungeon crawler Epic Dungeon will strike the first blow for the Uprising, hitting today. It'll all begin in earnest tomorrow, with the remaining games released over the first week of December, priced between 80 and 400 Microsoft Points ($1-5).