Morning Discussion

APB's done for, then. Even though it wasn't at all to my tastes, lovely character creator aside, I'm still sorry to see it go as I had been anticipating the game for yonks. Part of me wants to hold onto what I imagined it would--and perhaps one day could--be. Oh well. The very best of luck to all Realtime Worlds employees past and present.

Former APB technical manager Luke Halliwell has been writing a fascinating series of blog posts explaining what he thinks, from his perspective, went wrong. Three parts--1, 2 and 3--are done so far, with a fourth to come. Jolly interesting.

Hey, if you want more to read, point your peepers at Spelunky developer Derek Yu talking about finishing a game. I'm honestly not attempting to link this with APB, they're simply two articles I've read this morning. Perhaps you might read them too.

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