Remedy Wants to do Alan Wake 2, Would Remain Exclusive to Microsoft

By Brian Leahy, Aug 09, 2010 2:00pm PDT Alan Wake developer Remedy would like to do a sequel with Microsoft and even though Remedy owns the rights to the franchise, any future games would remain Microsoft exclusive.

"Microsoft put a lot of beef behind [Alan Wake] for it to be an exclusive for the 360," said franchise development head Oskari Hakkinen in an interview with Eurogamer. "They feel it's an important title for their portfolio. It fits into their portfolio among other games like Gears of War, Halo and Forza."

Though the game debuted 8th on the NPD charts in the US following its release--up against Red Dead Redemption--Remedy announced in July that the studio was "very pleased" with the game's performance at retail. The studio felt that the franchise "has legs".

Though Hakkinen mentions that a sequel would be Microsoft-exclusive leaving the door open for a PC version, he stresses that it could go either way with a sequel and it doesn't mean a PC version of Alan Wake 2 would be guaranteed.

Remedy is currently working on more DLC for Alan Wake and "haven't had a chance to get out to Redmond, Microsoft Game Studios, and discuss anything further of how we move on," with regards to a full sequel.

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  • Remedy pissed off a lot of their old timer PC supporters, fans and consumers with the decision to ditch the PC platform. I was earlier going to wait for the PC port that will propably come someday, but not anymore. I can see that Remedy has decided to go the way of Peter Molyneux regarding PC support.

    I bought all of Remedy's games on day one in the past even when I didn't have a good enough computer to play those games, like with both Max Payne games and Death Rally.

    I'm not a Remedy supporter anymore, even though I always support the developers from my country. I'm proud that a small group of talented guys from Finland have risen so high, but I'm sad that they are not making games anymore that I can support, enjoy and play.

    Microsoft is to blame for coming in with the money train of course, but Remedy is to blame for going along with it.

    Maybe someday you'll come back to PC and make a game that was as ground breaking as the open ended Intel quad core game that Alan Wake was still awhile ago.