Microsoft Prices Kinect at $150, Reveals $200 4GB Xbox 360 Console and $300 Kinect Bundle

BOOM widget 135713 Microsoft has confirmed longstanding rumors that its upcoming motion-based peripheral Kinect will retail for $150 when it launches on November 4. Kinect will come bundled with Kinect Adventures, one of the mini-game collections featured during Mircosoft's E3 media briefing.

Alongside the pricing announcement, Microsoft revealed a $200 Xbox 360 "S Model," which includes 4GB of internal storage. According to Joystiq, the new model will go on sale on August 3 in North America.

Microsoft is also bundling the new, less expensive model with Kinect for $300. The internal storage, along with the ability to use up to 32GB of USB storage on the console makes the Arcade model infinitely more attractive than it has in the past.

Speaking with Joystiq, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg said first-party Kinect software (including Harmonix' Dance Central) will be priced at $50, although retailers have priced third-party software for the peripheral at the (now) standard $60 price-point.

Microsoft promises that consumers who pre-order Kinect or the hardware bundle "today" will receive a token to download three exclusive levels for Kinect Adventures.