Morning Discussion

I'm undecided about the continuing trend of using downloadable games (PC, XBLA and PSN) as promotional tools for larger retail releases. Although it's coming to a few high-profile titles soon, like Dead Space 2 and Red Faction: Armageddon, the game that comes to mind that used this strategy is Fable II.

When Fable II: Pub Games was released the title offered players the chance to play a few mini-games featured in the main title for 800MS Points ($10). Not to say that it wasn't fun to play (and cheat) but for a game that carried the (at the time) standard XBLA price, shouldn't it be able to stand on its own, too?

My worry is that these new tie-in titles will also ask the now standard XBLA price ($15), when its primary existence is to push more people toward purchasing a $60 product. I think the concept has a lot of promise and if that games developed offer a good experience I have no issue with putting down the money. However, if its something obviously birthed out of a boardroom meeting, I'd prefer the developers focus on adding more content to the full-priced adventure.

What is your stance on promotional games?
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