id Cautious on Licensing of New Graphics Engine

As the completion of id Software's engine "id Tech 5" nears, the company is planning a conservative strategy in licensing the graphics technology to other companies. nope "Our philosophy really hasn't changed from what it's always been, which is games first, licenses second," said id CEO Todd Hollenshead to Gamasutra. "Working on Rage and working on Doom [4], which are both id Tech 5 games, are certainly our top priorities."

Hollenshead believes that outside use of the multi-platform engine will inevitably reflect on id's technology, making the decision to license the engine one that the company handles on a case-by-case basis.

"We think that the licensees...are going to have an impact on how the technology is perceived," he said.

Added Hollenshead: "Our philosophy on that has been that we'd rather have a small number of good-fit, high-quality developer licensees than a bunch that aren't really good fits or that may not be that bright of a licensee anyway."