Team Fortress 2's Scout Gets Energy Drink Item, Achievements Listed and New Mode Hinted

by Chris Faylor, Feb 19, 2009 2:00pm PST
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Continuing to slowly unveil the aspects of the big Team Fortress 2 update coming next Tuesday, developer Valve has revealed the Scout's second item and achievements.

The "Bonk!" energy drink will allow Scouts to move even faster, providing "a few-second rush of radioactive energy so powerful you'll be dodgin' bullets like they ain't even there!" However, users will experience a period of slowdown after that initial burst.

The picture that accompanied the revelation also suggests a new Payload map is on the way, perhaps one with dual carts, and seemingly shows an as-yet-unnamed alternate version of the Scout's traditional Scattergun weapon that lacks a revolver.

Furthermore, the "Triple Play" achievement and its accompanying icon imply that a new gameplay mode, of the flag-based control point variety, could be in store.

As for the achievements themselves, only the icons and the names were provided. As usual, we'll have to wait for Valve to detail the conditions under which they're earned.

  1. A Year to Remember
  2. Artful Dodger

  3. Batter Up

  4. Batting the Doctor

  5. Beanball

  6. Belittled Beleauger

  7. Block the Plate

  8. Brushback

  9. Caught Napping

  10. Closer

  11. Doctoring the Ball

  12. Dodgers 1, Giants 0

  13. Fall Classic

  14. First Blood

  15. First Blood, Part 2

  16. Foul Territory

  17. Gun Down

  18. If You Build It

  19. I'm Bat Man

  20. Moon Shot

  21. No Hitter

  22. Out of the Park

  23. Pop Fly

  24. Quick Hook

  25. Race for the Pennant

  26. Retire the Runner

  27. Round Tripper

  28. Set the Table

  29. Side Retired

  30. Stealing Home

  31. Strike Zone

  32. The Big Hurt

  33. The Cycle

  34. Triple Play

  35. Triple Steal

Thanks to Wisp! and Beady for pointing out the finer, hidden details.


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