Shack PSA: Resident Evil 5 Demo Hits Xbox 360

By Chris Faylor, Jan 26, 2009 7:35am PST As it's been nearly two weeks since Capcom announced a January 26 release for the Resident Evil 5 demo for North America, now is probably good time to remind you that Xbox Live Gold subscribers can today download and play the Xbox 360 demo.

Packing two stages along with both offline and online cooperative multiplayer, the Xbox Live Marketplace download weighs in at 473 MB. PlayStation 3 owners will be able to snag the zombie-shooting demo next week from the online PlayStation Store.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Resident Evil 5 will hit North American and European retailers on March 13, with the Japanese version arriving on March 5.

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    • Awesome, a great refinement of Resident Evil 4's gameplay.

      The controls have been tuned to perfection and there are 4 total control schemes that you can choose from. They range from a die-hard RE4 set-up, to something more along the lines of Gears of War's. I put the aiming speed to "Fastest" and it really helped the aiming in its accuracy, making it similar to the Wii version of RE4. The controls are pretty similar other than the tweaks to their setup on an Xbox gamepad, there is an action button to jump through windows or jump down from roofs, pressing a button to aim, etc. not much has changed from RE4. There is an option to call over Sheva and interact with her. The interaction with her is meager in SP, but has loads of potential in a co-op game as you swap items, revive each other, heal each other, and help each other when in danger like being grabbed by an enemy. The co-op dynamics reminded me of Left4Dead believe it or not, simplistic but necessary.

      The levels are very well designed, and have multiple paths through them as well as areas to hold up and defend yourself. Also, some areas can only be accessed by Sheva or Chris, depending on who you are playing in co-op. Therefore, multiple playthroughs means you will go through the levels differently at times. In one section you must cover Sheva from a building across from the one she is in, so depending on which character you are playing you will either be defending or be on the offense. Its a neat design that I hope is exploited throughout the game to give it much more replayability. The enemy AI is pretty good, with enemies dodging attacks and the bigger enemies taking out supports of buildings you may be standing on. It was quite the moment falling from a building as an enemy takes it out from underneath you. Enemies still react in realistic ways to your gunfire with them falling if you shoot them in the leg while they are running or holding their shoulder when shot in it. The Japanese demo had less blood, it can be confirmed that there is more blood both in the cutscenes and in game in the NA demo. The weapons included are standard from RE4 including a pistol, shotgun, automatic machine gun, and a rifle. The inventory is a lot smaller and easier to navigate as it opens during the gameplay meaning you cannot use it as a failsafe if you are in danger, similar to Dead Space. Ammo stacks along with medical items so multiples of the same item do not take up more space.You can map items to the D-Pad so it can relieve some tension from going through your inventory mid-battle. I did not see any ability to upgrade weapons or the size of your inventory, but since it was such a vital part of RE4 and there was gold to collect during the demo, I am sure we will see it again in RE5. Apparently all upgrades and purchases will be done in between levels, so there may no longer be the awesome dealer, "Whataya buying?". The minimap is well done and easier to open and use then in RE4 as it opens in game, no need to go into another menu.

      The graphics and sound are top notch, textures are really high resolution and the enemies look scary. The cutscenes are well shot, but there is not much story in the demo so I cannot speak about that. The sound is excellent, well done positioning to let you know enemies are sneaking up on you or Sheva may be in trouble. Looks to be one of the best looking games out there. Overall, its a great refinement of RE4, and the co-op is a great layer of gameplay that fits well to RE4's formula. Some say it is a copy of Gears of War in its co-op, but it really is different with the item swapping, getting enemies off each other's backs, and not only reviving but healing each other. Nothing to really complain about. Some may gripe at the fact you cannot strafe while aiming, but this is what makes RE4/5 different from other games. Its the constant tension, and the fact that not being able to move while aiming makes you rethink your position and take the high ground or hold up in a building if you cannot get shots off because you are getting surrounded. If you did not like RE4's gameplay or controls, this will not change your mind, but if you did get ready for the evolution of that formula with great co-op gameplay.