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By Nick Breckon, Jan 12, 2009 6:01pm PST Catching up on some of the games that flew under my radar last quarter. Really glad that I went back and picked up Dead Space--it's a surprisingly scary game, and it's paced pretty well. I get the sense it was one of the many unfortunate titles that got lost in the holiday shuffle, so if you are in my boat, definitely think about giving it a second chance.

The news today:

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  • So this morning I was a good son and drove my dad to the airport. On the way back I get a flat tire on the highway. I pull off the highway into a gas station there. It's about 20 degrees out, I'm wearing pajamas and a hoodie. So I get all the lugnuts off, freezing my ass off the whole time and try to pull the wheel off.

    it doesn't move.

    I fought with it about 20 minutes before calling my brother to come help me. He gets there and he can't get it off either. We fight with it a while before calling AAA. AAA gets out there and he can't get it either. He then decides he'll try a "trick" as he calls it and warns me you have to be careful while doing it. He gets in the car, starts it and pulls forward slowly and then since it still won't budge he decides to roll backwards. Instead of hitting the brake, he hits the gas and my car goes flying up on the curb behind it. I was just sitting there stunned and so was he. He apologized profusely for it and says he'll call it in and file a report even though there's no damage we can see. He then gets a piece of wood and a metal hammer out to hit the wood against the wheel. He hits it a few times and then on about the 5th hit, he misses the wood and puts a nice sized cut in the cast aluminum wheels. He apologizes profusely and says he's never done anything like that before,

    In the end he didn't get it off and he towed me to a tire place where I have to wait about 2 hours while they go to another one of their stores to get the tire for my car and come back and replace it.

    All in all it costs me about $165 :(

    tl;dr - flat tire, AAA rolls my car on a curb and then take a chunk of it my rim with a hammer