Morning Discussion

All this late night Left 4 Dead action is giving me some pretty funky dreams. Jeez.

So that New Xbox Experience thing is out, bringing a fresh new interface to Xbox 360 owners worldwide, but Maarten and I both agree that the facial hair options for the new Avatars are a bit lacking. There simply isn't enough variety to the beards.

Going by the New Xbox Experience, there's not much more more to facial hair than a five o'clock shadow and some novelty mustaches. I realize that beards are a sensitive issue these days, but it saddens me that Microsoft erred on the side of caution instead of setting a new precedent for the proper representation of virtual beards and facial hair.

Then again, I have a feeling that many, many more Avatar parts are on the way. Personally, I'm still thrilled with the aviator sunglasses. Oh, and yay Wednesday!

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