Delisted XBLA Games Will Still Be Available, Kinda

Microsoft has cleared up the confusion regarding comments that it will be "delisting" certain Xbox Live Arcade titles, clarifying that delisted titles will still be available for purchase.

"The reality is we're not removing any games from the service, if you will," Xbox product manager Aaron Greenberg told MTV Multiplayer."They'll always be there for purchase. Think about a book on Amazon. It's not always going to be featured on the front page of the store."

Greenberg went on to state that while titles delisted for poor sales or quality will be removed from the proper storefront, they can still be re-downloaded if already bought or purchased if an Xbox Live friend utilizes the recommend feature.

"I think if we would have just taken some of these very low performing games randomly off the service, nobody would have said much about it," Greenberg continued. "But now we've created this Xbox Live Arcade Death Watch, about who will make the cut. It's almost like a reality show about who's going to get voted off the island."