Guitar Hero 4 Wii Supports Downloadable Content

Publisher Activision has confirmed that the Wii edition of Guitar Hero World Tour (PS3, PS2, 360, Wii) due out this fall will support some form of downloadable content, though it is not clear what form that content will take.

In a press release issued today, the company boasted that World Tour, commonly referred to as Guitar Hero 4, will be the "first game ever in the Guitar Hero franchise to allow in-game downloadable content on Wii."

It is not yet known if the content refers to new songs or just the sharing of user-created tracks, the latter being a functionality all editions of World Tour are known to include. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Guitar Hero entries have used downloadable content to add new songs to the game, some of which are sold and some of which are given away.

Few Wii titles have supported downloadable content due to the system's paltry 512MB of internal storage. While that storage can be expanded with an SD Card, at present, the Wii will only execute downloaded content if it is located within that 512MB internal block.

Activision subsidiary RedOctane had previously stated it was looking into DLC support for the Wii edition of Guitar Hero 3.

Harmonix, which created the Guitar Hero franchise before it was acquired by MTV Games, stated that the upcoming Wii version of its multi-instrument music title Rock Band does not support downloadable content due to storage concerns.

Instead, the company is providing additional Rock Band tracks to the Wii and PS2, which also lacks DLC support due to storage issues, in the form of an expansion disc.