Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Apr 02, 2008 5:17am PDT

So I guess sometimes we're too awesome? Check out the Fallen Empire contest, we've extended this, clarified that and expanded the winners category in a neat way. It should be lots of good fun. And in the aftermath of April Fool's Day, we see offerings from Blizzard,



href="">Guild Wars,

href="">Konami/UbiSoft and Capcom. Oh the shenanigans. Also, while it is in no way official, here's the Shack soundtrack, as collated by jasonepowell.

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  • Sometime in the next few months I want to take the stock head-unit out of my Mazda 3 and replace it with a Pioneer unit I have (used it in my old car). The catch is I want to keep the existing display and controls available (displays temp. and gas consumption/clock). I only need a single DIN unit, but I'm struggling to find a unit that will keep the existing controls (I don't care if the existing CD player stays or not).

    I know there are (or were) a lot of Mazda 3 drivers on the Shack, and I'm wondering if anyone found a solution to this, or if they found another way of changing the deck.

  • Frontlines Fuel of War Menz

    Ok, I said with the new patch that this game could possibly be worth getting. I take it back. I take it way way back. I have seen very few patches screw over a game like the 1.0.2 patch has screwed over Frontlines.

    You just wonder if they tested it at all before releasing it. They had the potential to fix the main issues with the game and make it a "must buy". Instead this patch fixes nothing that I've seen and instead makes the game unplayable by breaking the frames per second that you get, leaving previous show stopper bugs and adding no new features that they needed to add such as punk buster and voice chat.

    At this point I officially give up on this piece of shit game. It had such potential for some amazing Shack Battles if they just fixed a few issues and added a couple of features. Instead it looks like they have no idea what they are doing and the game is pretty much dead now.

    I hope they prove me wrong in the months ahead. If the issues are fixed it would be a great bargain bin game to pick up for some fun online play but as it is I'm not holding my breath.