Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Mar 03, 2008 6:00pm PST

Whutup playas? I tried to convince Nick to use the phrase triflin bitches but he

refuses. I'm kind of upset at the lack of that word being used lately. I'm also kind of

upset that I'm not sure if thats how to spell it. Tryflin? Triflyn?

As for the the videogame news around these parts for today:

Lastly, someone remind me to play Mario Galaxy already. It's a crime that I havent

finished that game.

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  • Need a PS3 question answered from you people in the know. I know they fixed the hardware scaler to downscale Blu-ray to 720p properly but have they yet fixed the scaler to properly upscale games to 1080i? The last time I checked it still outputs 480p to TVs that can't take a 720p signal. My widescreen CRT only does 1080i and while my main reason to buy a PS3 is as a Blu-ray player (which it outputs 1080i fine), I still want the gaming and I really don't want it at 480p. This is what has stopped me from buying one so far. If they made an X360 with Blu-ray in it I would buy one in a heartbeat since there are more games on a 360 that I would play than currently on a PS3.