Morning Discussion

by Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Feb 19, 2008 10:38pm PST
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Whats up Shackers? The middle of the week seems to be treating you well, did you lose a few pounds? Looking good. GDC is ticking away, and so plenty of interesting news coming in such as the big announcement of the PC Gaming Alliance, and actual impressions of Too Human. And failing all other forms of amusement, you could make a flip-book of Mario Kart Wii screenshots.

  • Because I'm obsessed with blackjack today, that's what you'll get posts about:

    I didn't like any of the basic strategy trainers I found on the web (they were all built around actually playing out hands, when all you really need is a flash card kind of presentation) so I built my own. I figured while I was working on it I could try to turn it into a shareware dealie, so my questions are- what other features would you like to see in a basic strategy trainer? Right now it keeps a count + percentage of correct decisions. I'm also adding a feature where it keeps track of hands where you made the wrong decision, and presents those to you more often. You can choose to only be dealt soft hands or pairs if you need to practice those. And it doesn't do anything stupid like deal you blackjack- pretty sure you know what to do with that! Anyone who likes blackjack is welcome to chime in with more features they'd like in something like this. Thanks!

  • So i saw the smashing pumkins live at forest national in belgium yesterday.
    three hours long wall of sound. really impressive and all.
    Still a few things to add:
    - i never saw them live but now i'm sure billy is a giant faggot. He came on in a metallic robe thingy and every fucking time the spots went pink, he was always there in the uber pink spot. He even did 1979 solo under a pink light
    - he stopped playing for a few minutes and came back to his previous two concerts: The first one he got boo'd at because he coudln't sing. The scond was solo and there were like 100fans. So after he got boo'd at again he said he was sorry and that he'd make it up. So the next 13 minutes were guitars and drum&bass then sudden stop and before the crowd could go nuts he wen't "The world is a vampire" so the whole hall went friking nuts. All i could say was, well played mr corgan, well played.
    - he didn't play Disarm alltho everyone was shouting for it.
    - did i mention that he is a crossdressing fgt?