Criterion Readying Black Sequel?

Update: Electronic Arts has clarified has that a new Black title is not necessarily in development at this time, as the slide it was mentioned on merely described "past portfolio releases and the pedigree of the studio."

Original Story: Burnout series developer Criterion Games might be working on the second entry in Black, its wildly destructive shooting franchise. Originally released on PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2006, Black was just recently reissued via the Xbox 360's online Xbox Live Marketplace. nope

As with the new KOTOR title from BioWare, EA CEO John Riccitiello suggested the existence of a Black sequel during an analyst presentation. One of Riccitiello's slides credited Criterion with Burnout and Black, with the CEO insinuating that the listings denoted new or upcoming releases. EA president Frank Gibeau later confirmed that a new Burnout title is being developed, though he made no mention of Black.

In a recent interview with D+Pad Magazine, Criterion's Craig Sullivan claimed that a new Black title was not in development. "We're honestly not working on [a Black sequel] at the moment," he stated.

That said, Riccitiello's more recent mention of the Black franchise is a curious aside, especially as he was presenting to industry analysts. Shacknews has contacted EA for more information.