BioWare Developing New Star Wars: KOTOR Title? Unannounced MMO Not Star Wars-related?

BOOM widget 116439 Update: Electronic Arts has clarified has that a new KOTOR title is not necessarily in development at this time, with the slide merely describing "past portfolio releases and the pedigree of the studio."

Original Story: A new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game may be in development at BioWare, and it may have nothing to do with the studio's still-unnamed MMO.

During an analyst meeting, a slide presented by EA CEO John Riccitiello credited BioWare with the following projects: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, KOTOR, New MMO. Though Riccitiello did not specifically mention KOTOR in the audio portion of his presentation, it was suggested that all properties on that slide denoted new or upcoming releases.

The separate listings of KOTOR and the unnamed MMO indicate that they are not one and the same, as rumors had previously suggested. However, it is still quite possible that the MMO could be related to Star Wars.

In addition to the recently unveiled PC version of Mass Effect, BioWare is known to be working on the second title in the Mass Effect trilogy. The company's long-awaited return to PC role-playing, Dragon Age, is slated to arrive within studio owner EA's coming fiscal year, which runs April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009.

BioWare developed the LucasArts-published Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on Xbox and PC, which was released in 2003 to critical and commercial success. An Obsidian-developed sequel followed, though it did not quite receive its predecessor's unanimous acclaim.