BioShock X360 Update Solves, Introduces Issues (Updated)

Update: Shacker sevogajre tells us that clearing the game's cache--accomplished by holding the left and right bumpers from boot until the appearance of the 2K Games logo--solves the stuttering issue in the Xbox 360 version.

Original Story: Like a bathysphere rising out of the depths, details have at long last surfaced on the mysterious BioShock title update that began prompting Xbox Live-connected players earlier this week.

According to publisher 2K Games, the brief download--which must be applied in order to stay signed into Xbox Live--resolves several slight issues. In particular, the update improves general game stability, especially when loading autosaves. It also tweaks the way enemies use health stations and fixes a slight audio glitch during menu loading.

However, it just wouldn't be a proper BioShock news item if it wasn't for the presence of unfortunate, and presumably unintended, technical problems. Various reports across internet communities--including this writer's own personal experience--indicate the update brings with it a host of stuttering and freezing issues.

The teams at Irrational Games 2K Boston and 2K Australia are aware of this development and are said to be investigating. There is no word yet on a patch for the PC version, but given the title's cross-platform development, one is presumably in the works.