ShackCast Episode 8: Warhawk, Jeanne D'Arc, Spore, BioShock's PC copy protection

This week, Chris Remo, Chris Faylor, and Nick Breckon discuss Warhawk on PS3, Spore, Jeanne D'Arc on PSP, Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on Xbox Live Arcade, BioShock's copy protection on PC, and EA and Ubisoft's recently-released free full games and the ads that come along with some of them.

Plus, for some reason, we have a convoluted puzzle game discussion including such titles as Planet Puzzle League, Zuma, Tetris 2, and Spider Solitaire! We don't know why!

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00:00: It's our newfangled foreshadowing intro!
01:01: Faylor is mixed on Level-5's PSP SRPG Jeanne D'Arc. (Preview)
07:55: Faylor finally picked up Zuma. Nick: "Is Zuma the one with the marbles?"
13:50: Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Xtreme Quest Gold DX (Story)
14:54: Like it or not, BioShock's PC copy protection seems to be doing its job.
17:15: Back to Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Part 3 Special Legends.
19:30: Tetris 2. BRING IT BACK NINTENDO.
21:12: Faylor likes Tetris Attack, but not Planet Puzzle League. Weirdo.
21:55: Battlefield 1942 veteran Nick isn't impressed with Warhawk on PS3.
34:15: Shack editors discuss the state of their PlayStation 3 systems.
35:52: A mysterious PS3 firmware update! (Story)
39:02: Faylor busted a Wii. Tee hee!
41:12: Shack editors discuss their console brick count.
42:18: Electronic Arts and Ubisoft gave away free games! (Ubi story, EA story)
49:59: Good old Command & Conquer. Simpler times...
51:29: New Spore screenshots. Nick is somewhat pessimistic! (Story)
61:46: BioShock contest winners GibMonkey and ghostdad, get back to us!
63:11: Outtakes!
63:50: Secret hidden Metroid Prime 3 boss tips and Hyper Mode discussion!